ShowSecretary.com is committed to providing detailed, up-to-date show information including online entries, prize lists, exhibitor lists, class lists, stalling charts, show services and more.

ShowSecretary.com LLC is owned by Susan Pape-Peacock. Susan has over 30 years of experience providing support to all levels of shows from large international events (FEI CDI competitions) to schooling shows.

Susan developed the ShowSecretary.com website in 1998 to complement her show secretary services. The website provides shows with real-time information including online entries, exhibitor lists, ride times, stalling information, scores and information on services at a show. ShowSecretary.com began in 1998 as a way to marry two passions, TECHNOLOGY and HORSES



Susan is a USEF Level 5 show secretary and was a licensed USEF Technical Delegate, chaired the USDF Competition Committee for several years, and represented Dressage on the USEF Secretaries Committee.

Secretarial services include:

  • Consultation
  • Full secretarial support before the show, travel to the show, and after the show
  • Full secretarial support before and after the show with "virtual support" from the home office during the show (supplies are shipped to a day of show secretary with Susan supporting the show with the day of show secretary via today's technology)
  • Knowledable, dependable, helpful and personable service
Shows using the ShowSecretary.com website enjoy:
  • Up-to-date ride time and scoring information (The pages on the website are populated real time - not PDF docs that must be updated/uploaded and are often out of date)
  • Online entries
  • Customized show information on your show page

Susan grew up at horse shows. Her parents, Bee and Bob Pape, were organizing and managing horse shows most of her life. They hosted shows such as the AHSA Central States Championships (which grew over time into our USDF Regional Championships) and the first national "head to head" dressage competitions in the United States, the historic Insilco United States Dressage Championships held in Oklahoma City in 1981. Her father was a Dressage and Combined Training Technical Delegate. Her sister was also involved in dressage as a rider, trainer, and USEF licensed Dressage judge

In the 1980's, while watching her mother organize shows on index cards and having recently graduated with a technology degree, she developed software to support their shows. What she did not realize was that they were happy to have the software, but not so happy to use a computer. Hence, her career as a show secretary began.

Bee and Bob Pape

THREE GENERATIONS of Show Secretaries...

Three Generations

Susan's family are very supportive of her passions. Everyone helps out including her daughter, Julia, who is now a USEF Level 4 secretary with shows of her own.

Susan also competes so she understands "both sides of the table". In 1998, she earned her USDF Bronze Medal; in 2006 she earned the USDF Adult Amateur Training Level Rider Award (highest average percentage in the nation); several USDF Regional Championships and, in 2017, her USDF Silver Medal.

Contact Susan for more details and information on show services.